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How to work from home with kids during the coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus has impacted life in major ways. If you have kids and are also trying to work while they’re home from school, you know this all too well. For parents in particular, the next few months are not going to be easy. Here are some tips for working from home with kids.

Cut it Back

There is likely no way you can handle the workload you had prior to this crisis. The key is to be proactive with your employer, who we hope is being understanding during this time. Tell your boss what hours you have available and what workload you think can be accomplished. Then, as you figure things out, you and your employer can adjust accordingly.

Keep Your Budget Tight

In times of uncertainty, it can be easy to neglect the ol’ budget. Try your best not to do that. In fact, with layoffs on the rise, now is a very good time to have a look at your spending line-by-line to see what you would cut if needed. A good place to start is monthly subscriptions.

Work in Shifts

If you have a partner, consider working in shifts. While one parent entertains and teaches the kids, you work. Try switching every hour or two hours. This helps because it allows each of you to have a block of time that you can focus only on work.

Try a Flexible Structure

If you’re not a teacher, don’t expect yourself to be. Homeschooling is difficult. Try to provide some structure for your kids, but know that it’s okay to alter the plans if need be. Use the resources that your kids’ teachers have provided. Remember: Be gentle with yourself and your kids. This is hard for everyone.

Chris O'Shea

Chris O'Shea