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The benefits of a budget calendar

If you’re having trouble sticking with your current budget, you might want to revise it and create a calendar-based budget. The reasoning is simple: You use calendars to keep track of all sorts of important events, why not use one to track your money? Here are some of the benefits of a calendar budget.

A Bump Up

As US News notes, when you track your fixed expenses (like mortgage or rent, utilities, etc.) you’ll understand your cash flow much better. Go through your past bills to find when they’re due each month, then plug reminders into your budget calendar so that you aren’t caught by surprise. With these dates set, your cash flow will no longer be a mystery.

Better Score

Now that you’re tracking your dates, you’ll make more payments on time. That means two good things: You’ll be paying less late fees and your credit score will likely get a boost.

Increased Savings

Much like plugging in bill due dates, you should use your calendar budget to pad your savings. If you’re not automatically depositing money into a savings account, set a reminder every other week or once per month to do just that. The key is keeping the action at the top of your mind. It’s much harder to ignore making a savings deposit when you get a notification reminding you.

Chris O'Shea

Chris O'Shea

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