Heading Home For the Holidays

We have some important tips to keep in mind

Heading Home For the Holidays

This holiday season, will traveling over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house require a train, plane or automobile? Or worse – a combination of all the above?

As a recent Daily Finance article points out, most of us do these trips every year, so we have our trip planned out perfectly. We know which airline we'll take, we know what time the boss lets us out of the office to hit the road, and using handy gas apps, we might even know where to find the cheapest fuel for these trips. However, like any well-worn ritual, doing things merely out of habit can mean missing out on new ways – potentially faster and cheaper ways – to do things. Here's a quick look at what Daily Finance says you should reconsider:

  • Rental car location. If you're flying somewhere this winter, you're likely going to need a rental car, which means you'll likely want to get that car right from the airport. But did you know that by looking outside of airport rental locations, you can save a good chunk of change? Daily Finance cites this example out of Washington D.C: a car rented from Reagan National Airport ranges from $65 to $84 per day, but trekking into the heart of DC and renting a car from Union Station will only cost $32 to $65 per day.
  • Buying insurance from the rental company. If you're in the habit of simply saying yes to whatever insurance your rental company is offering, stop! Between your comprehensive auto insurance AND the credit card you use to pay for the rental, you're likely covered.
  • Cell phone laws in the state you're visiting. Many states have cracked down on cellphone use on the open roads. Daily Finance suggests avoiding what could be a rather costly ticket just by packing a hands-free phone kit in your suitcase. You may have driven through Pennsylvania to get to Grandma for the past 25 years, but that won't get you out of a ticket if you're caught driving and talking on your phone at the same time.

For more tips on what to keep in mind as you travel this holiday season, check out the full Daily Finance article, linked above. We here at SavvyMoney are wishing you safe and cheap travels, everyone!

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